Thursday, 31 March 2016

Stitch n Sing is back after three years!

My dear bloggers, I'm back!

Stitch n Sing is back
I was in hibernation for three years due to relocating, performances, giving birth and baby sitting! I'm finally back in my BLOG! My life was full of excitement and blessings for the past three years in Malaysia. Yes, I moved back to Malaysia with my family couple of years ago. I'm truly blessed as my beloved husband bought me a Bernina B780 and in the same time I gave birth to a second baby too! 

Bernina B780

Bernina B780
Bernina B780

I love this machine so much. It helps me a lot in my sewing and quilting! Here are my recent sewing.

I'm in love doing pouches recently.

....... to be continued......
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