Friday, 29 April 2016

Laura Ashley Wallpaper

Have you heard of Laura Ashley? Let me introduce a bit about this brand called Laura Ashley. Well, Laura Ashley is a Welsh textile company and now took over by the MUI Malaysia company. This company is producing the Victorian style textile, wallpapers, cushion and all sort of English look home furnishings ranges.

I'm in love of Laura Ashley wallpapers recently. I renewed my house with full of Laura Ashley's wallpapers. Come and have a look!

Here's the living hall at first floor.

This is the family room.

Here is my bedroom.

This is my walk-in bathroom.

This is my walk-in wardrobe.

Here is the walk-in wardrobe.  

I love the new transformation of my house!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Sunny Baby Quilt

I always like to do baby quilts as it's in small size. Therefore, you can just complete the whole quilt in a day (without any distraction from my BOYS).  I found an easy and straight forward little baby quilt tutorial on Craft Buds. It's really a quick and an easy baby quilt pattern that you can try out over the weekend! I used 3-4 days to finish the whole quilt. Thank you Craft Buds for sharing this tutorial with us.

Here is my Sunny Baby Quilt. It's a quilt to make for a friend who's going to give birth to a baby girl in this summer!

Sunny Baby Quilt

Sunny Baby Quilt

Sunny Baby Quilt

Sunny Baby Quilt

Sunny Baby Quilt

Here's the back of the quilt. I back it with the cotton fleece. The finished size for this quilt is
35 1/2"x41" .

Sunny Baby Quilt

Sunny Baby Quilt

Sunny Baby Quilt

 After doing some quilts, I discovered a brilliant foot for binding a quilt. If you are using a Bernina sewing machine you can try to get Bernina Edgestitch foot 10D . There is a guide blade in the center of the foot which can help to guide the edge of your binding on the quilt. I believe you can get this foot from the online sewing machine shops or any of your local sewing machine shops. I got mine from the Bernina Malaysia.

Bernina Edgestitch foot 10D (photo taken from

Can you see where did I place the guiding blade? It's right next to the edge of my red binding strip. 

So, question, how about the needle position? I set -2 to the right so that the needle will sew right at the edge of my binding strip. 

needle position -2 to the right 

needle position -2 to the right

Tada...... nicely done! Isn't this foot is doing a smart job? What a cleaver invention! Thanks Bernina.

Front of the quilt

back of the quilt

You may have other way of doing your binding or could be other perfect foot for the binding. Come and drop me a line to share your experience with me.

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Coin Purse 口金包

In my previous post, I shared some pictures of the coin purses that I have made.

Today I'm going to introduce the beautiful fabrics that I used for this gorgeous purse. The main fabric that is in front of this purse is from Tilda's Autumn/Winter 2015's collection. It's called Sofia Blue. I believe you can easily get it from your local quilting and patchwork shops. I particularly love to shop Tilda's fabric in Bernina Malaysia. They have a complete series of the Tilda's collection. Beautiful fabrics and nice people. How many of you actually know about this brand, Tilda? It was actually founded by a Norwegian designer Tone Finnager in 1999 aged 25. She's known for its whimsical and native characters in the form of animals and dolls. 

Now, come to the side of the purse. I used the Home Essentials collection from RJR by Robyn Pandolf. Robyn is a successful fabric designer for over 10 years now. In terms of choosing the right frame for your design, make sure you measure the width of the frame from one end to the other end. Your paper pattern should have mentioned in it. 
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