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I really admired the Japanese patchwork so much. I have read a lot of their patchwork books. Their works are really neat and fabulous! If you like patchwork, you should stock up one of these books! 

I'm selling Japanese Patchwork and Quilting books. If you are interested in buying these books, please do not hesitate to contact me

Postal Charges:

United Kingdom
  • £1.20 for 1 unit/ a book.
  • FREE DELIVERY over 10 units/ 10 books.

For International please contact me

B1 £20.99 (sold out)

B1- 一學就會的手作包

B2  £20.99 (sold out)

B2 - Shinnie的手作兔樂園

B3  £20.99 (sold out)
 B3-  有岡由利子的拼布生活小品

B4  £20.99 (sold out)
B4- 南久美子的拼布生活日記

B5  £20.99 (sold out)
B5- 最想做的拼布包

B6  £20.99 (sold out)

B6- 三上奈津子的心愛貼布繡

B7 More details:  £20.99 (sold out)

B7- 三上奈津子□手作拼布包 (再版)

C1  More details: £20.99 (sold out)

C1- 幸福拼布创作

C2  More details: £20.99 (sold out)

C2 - 手提包&小物包

C3 More details: £20.99 (sold out)

C3- 配色造&型精选包

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