Wednesday, 12 October 2011

L. Einaudi Lens Pouch

My husband has been asking for a pouch from me for a long time. Finally, I have made a pouch for his new camera lens. This camera lens pouch is designed by a photographer for photographers. Thank you Ayumi for the tute. I have modified the pouch into a quilted camera lens pouch. Therefore, it's slightly different as Ayumi's one. The pouch is big enough to carry a 50mm or 60mm prime lens with its lens hood attached. The double draw strings give instant and secure closure. The pouch is lined with lint free fabric to minimise dust and fibres collecting in the lens elements. My husband likes it so much and ask for more!


  1. Way to go! I love quickie projects! I always feel like I accomplished something! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Amanda aka ' A Crafty Fox'


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