Friday, 2 December 2011

Somerset Star Christmas Card

Last Wednesday, I went to a quilting group and I saw a lady, Tammy, was stitching the lovely Somerset star. I like the way she used of colours and materials. Since then, I decided to learn this Somerset star!

I used two different types of materials to make these stars. Did you realise the shinny gold fabric and the shinny silver fabric that I have used in the stars?

Yes, those materials are attractive BUT they are not easy to use because they don't crease easily. To make them easier to fold, I ironed the materials before I stitched them together!

The simple technique of using Somerset patches in the circle forms an eye catching central star motif. Do you want to make this a christmas card for your family and friends? Visit my tutorial here. I hope you will enjoy doing it!


  1. Your cards are wonderful. I found you at the small blog meet.

  2. They are so gorgeous. I am blown away.

  3. These are beautiful. I was looking for a tutorial for these the other day and just by chance came on to check your blog and here they are.
    Thanks so much.


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